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Lifejacked is when an unplanned or unforeseen event happens to jack with your life.

Listen as each guest shares their tragedy to triumph story.

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Amy Taylor


Amy Taylor shares her inspiring journey navigating mental illness, including bipolar disorder, ADHD, and anxiety diagnosed at a young age. Despite challenges, she found ways to manage her conditions through consistent medication, self-care, and overcoming stigma. Her resilience and determination highlight the importance of support and understanding for those with mental health conditions. Amy discusses living with bipolar disorder, emphasizing the need for medication management, work-life balance, and understanding from employers. She stresses that with proper care and support, those with bipolar disorder can thrive and achieve their goals, challenging the misconception that they are "broken" or unable to have aspirations. The importance of support systems is emphasized, with Amy's mother and friends playing a vital role in managing their bipolar disorder. We also discuss her daughter's autism diagnosis, expressing relief at finally receiving proper resources and embracing her unique traits. Amy's advice encourages self-kindness, seeking help early for mental health struggles, and believing in one's ability to overcome adversity. Her journey serves as a reminder that even the darkest times can give way to inner calm and resilience with time and support. This episode mentions suicide. *Listener's discretion is advised.*

3 Key Points

  1. The importance of consistent medication management and self-care in managing mental health conditions, even in the face of challenges.

  2. The need to overcome the stigma surrounding mental health issues and recognize that people with mental health conditions are not "broken" and can thrive and achieve their goals.

  3. The vital role of a supportive network, including family and friends, in navigating mental health challenges and the journey of raising a child with autism.


Katie Arnold


Katie Arnold, an award-winning journalist, ultra runner, and author, shares her transformative journey of overcoming a near career-ending injury through the practices of Zen Buddhism and running. In her book "Brief Flashing in the Phenomenal World, Zen and the Art of Running Free," she explores the spiritual and philosophical aspects of endurance sports. After a harrowing river rafting accident that left her severely injured, Katie turned to Zen Buddhism as a path to healing. She found wisdom and presence in the simple teachings that helped her navigate life's challenges, both literally and metaphorically. The book recounts her recovery process, emphasizing the importance of surrendering to adversity, being present, and embracing a beginner's mindset. Katie shares insights on the power of mindset, affirmations, and surrounding oneself with support during difficult times. She highlights the principles of interconnectedness, accepting suffering, and approaching life with a fresh perspective, which guided her healing journey. The speakers also discuss the importance of embracing "zero" as a starting point for growth and renewal, letting go of limiting beliefs, and trusting one's intuition.

3 Key Points

  1. Katie Arnold found solace in Zen Buddhism after a nearly career-ending injury, highlighting the transformative power of spiritual practices.

  2. Her book, "Brief Flashing in the Phenomenal World, Zen and the Art of Running Free," explores the deep philosophical and spiritual dimensions of the ultra marathon of life.

  3. Despite early challenges, Katie's story emphasizes the resilience and self-discovery that can emerge from embracing the challenges of endurance sports.

Tara Pyfrom

Tara Pyfrom


Coming soon

3 Key Points

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