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Lifejacked is when an unplanned or unforeseen event happens to jack with your life.

Listen as each guest shares their tragedy to triumph story.

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Peter Bedard

December 4, 2023

Peter Bedard kicks off Season 2 of Lifejacked by sharing his out of body experience as a teen when he was pushed into a semitruck on his Moped bike. He also shares his method for dealing with anxiety and pain. He believes resilience should not come at a cost and love is a verb; not just a noun.


Brett Cotter

January 8, 2024

Brett Cotter talks about the effects that second hand stress causes for our loved ones and others around us. He shares how we can break family curses, heal generational trauma, and how to identify triggers, cycles, and patterns by embodying consciousness.

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Dee Dee Said

December 11, 2023

Dee Dee Said shares her experience as a teenager with domestic violence while dating her boyfriend. Her organization Positively Impacting Communities educates teens to learn the importance of healthy relationships.


Sarah Hummell

January 15, 2024

Sarah Hummell shares her story of escaping from a husband who was consistently manipulative and abusive. She shares how one can recognize the patterns of an abusive partner and the salvation that gave her peace to continue on and stay strong for herself and her children. Listener's discretion is advised.


Frank DiMaio

December 18, 2023

Frank DiMaio has 3 A's that help build resilience. He reveals how he supported his wife through breast cancer and fulfilled his purpose to her by sailing to Bermuda. He shares how he found the strength to forgive himself and maintain emotional stability to shift from victim mentality to victor mentality.

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Roxanne Collins

January  22, 2024

Roxanne Collins shares her struggles with imposter syndrome and identity as she navigates life as a mental health therapist. She shares the myths of therapy and how it is important to have a support system even when you are strong. 


Maria Riegger

January 29, 2024

Maria Riegger's childhood ended abruptly when her father passed away when she was 13 years old. She shares how she had to step in as a parent to her younger siblings while also dealing with a narcissistic mother. She believes we must listen to our instincts as parents, but be present and intentional. She also shares how our astrological signs can influence our parenting styles.

Youtube Channel

Headshot Ilona Seddik 1.0.jpg

Ilona Seddik

February 5, 2024

Ilona Seddik, social media marketing expert, will share her struggles growing up in Russia. From bullying for being overweight to escaping sexual abuse from her boyfriend, she has shown great resistance to falling down. In all situations of adversity she bounces back. We discuss her arrival to the US, female empowerment, and tips for social media marketing.


Tyvonne Conrad

February 12, 2024

Tyvonne Conrad, a former Marine, talks about his struggles with mental health. His hallucinations and weird mental state resulted in a Schizophrenia diagnosis. His book of poetry serves as a view into this diagnosis and he hopes it becomes an open door to all generations for his legacy.

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