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Building the Mindset for Resilience

Sometimes a relentless mindset needs some help. You may have all the determination and grit to achieve some big goal. Perhaps you've suffered some devastating personal loss. In either of those situations, you might not currently have the skills or resources you need to create the desired result.

You can't bounce back from a setback because you lack the tools needed to help you recover quickly. This is when developing a growth mindset can be so powerful.

What Is a Growth Mindset?

Dr. Carol Dweck of Stanford University first talked about the power of mindset nearly 30 years ago. Dr. Dweck and her team became interested in the attitude of students when it comes to failure.

After studying the behavior of students and children, the term “growth mindset” came about. Simply put, this mindset means that you believe in your ability to become better through hard work, and help from others. At your core, you have one of two major mindsets at work. You either enjoy a growth mindset and the rewards that outlook delivers, or you suffer from a fixed mindset. Believe it or not, you can dismantle the limiting belief system and enjoy more growth and resilience if you currently have a fixed mindset.

A growth mindset is empowering because it allows you to believe that your intelligence, talents, and skills can improve. You're absolutely certain that your traits and abilities aren't fixed.

You may not currently have the tools to get everything you want out of life. Even so, you have a determined belief that you can acquire those tools. If you aren't good at something, you can become proficient at it.

Why is this important if you want to develop more resilience? It's really rather simple. When life knocks you down, you can be at a very low place emotionally. It might be tough to believe that your life will ever be the same again. If you're chasing some goal and encounter a big failure, some small part of you begins saying that your dream will never be realized.

A growth mindset doesn't allow this to happen for very long. You know that your current reality can be improved. You believe that you can grow in any way necessary to overcome failure, a setback, or a huge personal loss.

This is different than a fixed mindset. When someone who believes their character is fixed and can't be changed encounters a big setback, they accept it. This is the way their life is going to be from now on. There's no need to try and overcome a difficulty because it happened in the first place. They couldn't keep it from happening, and they won't be able to rise above it.

How Do You Develop a Growth Mindset?

Start today believing that you can change. You might not have everything you need to overcome failures right now. Perhaps you feel you don't have the mental strength to overcome hardship and get over a personal loss.

A growth mindset tells you that you're going to be okay. You have a conversation with yourself, and you say, "It's all right. I can get through this. The tools and skills I need to overcome this hurdle are out there. All I have to do is go get them. By working on improving myself, I can quickly overcome setbacks and hardships, and that begins with believing that I can."

A person with a fixed mindset believes that their intelligence, skills, talent, and life can't be improved. Everything is what it is. They accept whatever life deals them without fighting to make their lives better.

Don't be that way. This is a very important part of creating unbreakable resilience. When you are mentally, emotionally, and maybe physically at your lowest point, you believe with absolute certainty that you can do whatever it takes to rise above your current difficulty.

A growth mindset is crucial for your next step if you want to develop on-demand grit, resolve, and perseverance.

Your path to stronger resolve and enduring perseverance is closer than you think. If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of your resilience skillset, book a free discovery call with me by clicking here.


Dr. Ro

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